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Rebecca A. Sharpless

Author | Scholar | Lawyer

Professor Rebecca A. Sharpless has been defending people against deportation for over 25 years. She recently wrote an award-winning book.

Author and Professor Rebecca A. Sharpless

Shackled for Two Days on an Airplane


"This extraordinary work reads like a thriller . . . It may break your heart, but it will open your mind."

Roxana Bacon, Former Chief Counsel, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

Sa'id's immigration story appears in the book SHACKLED.
Ali's immigration story appears in the book SHACKLED.

Epic and brainy, SHACKLED takes you inside America's immigration system. Two men, Abdulahi and Sa'id, board an ill-fated flight to Somalia. Their struggles, resiliency, and legal battles will inspire and haunt you.

University of California Press

Drawing by Malcolm Stanton

Drawing by Lillian M. Kew



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